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A New Look at Lameness

Prevention is the ideal when it comes to lameness, but practically everyone who has owned horses has dealt with a lay-up due to an unforeseen injury at some point. The

following article will provide tools to sharpen your eye for detecting lameness, review

prevention tips and discuss the importance of early intervention.

It will also begin with a glimpse into current research endeavouring to heal tendon injuries faster, which has obvious horse welfare benefits and supports horse owners eager to return to their training programs. Dr. Judith Koenig of Ontario

Veterinary College (OVC) spends half of her time as a surgeon and teacher with a strong interest in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation, and the other half as a researcher at the OVC.

Follow the link below to the complete article, as published at Trainer Magazine, NA edition March 2024

A New Look at Lameness Interview with Judith Koenig Trainer Mag NA ed, Issue 70, March 202
Download • 2.02MB

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