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Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs)

Equine mesenchymal stromal cells have demonstrated safety and efficacy in the treatment and resolution of diseases and conditions for which the treatment options are ineffective, not fully effective, or palliative.

Such cell-based treatments require cell numbers in the millions or billions. eQcell technological processes for cell expansion in bioreactors ensures the generation of clinically-relevant numbers of cells while decreasing cost, time and labour requirements, and improving reproducibility and yield in comparison with other methods.

In recent years, eQcell has developed and validated robust protocols for cell expansion that guarantee the achievement of the required cell densities for therapeutic uses. These cells suspensions are submitted to rigorous preclinical investigation to validate their efficacy in tissue reparation models, and to corroborate their purity, safety, and tolerability, as well as the corresponding formulation modelling for their application in controlled clinical trials.

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