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Regenerative medicine has matured from high expectation to established science, achieving therapeutic results in conditions previously impervious to resolution. The revolutionary medical benefit from the maturing of stem cell science is unparalleled in almost the century since the discovery of antibiotics.  While still in its early stages, the efficacy of numerous regenerative applications is firmly established.

The potential is vast and promises to change surgical and non-surgical care allowing for unprecedented personalized medical interventions that will promote the recovery of patients in innumerable conditions and diseases.

eQcell has identified and established methods for isolating, expanding, freezing and thawing of cells for novel regenerative therapies for horses and dogs. MSCs have risen to become the focus of the entire discipline of cellular therapeutics with enourmous expansion potential into osteoblasts, adipocytes, chondrocytes and other cells. Confirmatory data from clinical trials would be utilized to support further development in human applications, safely and ethically. 

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