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eQcell Quality Cell Series™ include banked allogeneic cells and autologous cell services. The company has access to other cell types, such as canine pluripotent stem cells, and can custom procure cells to meet individual needs for domestic animal cells.

Regulatory note for Canada:

These cells are currently for Research Only purposes and their acquisition is subjected to compliance with regulatory requirements established by Health Canada Veterinary Drug Directorate

  • Use of autologous cells in client-owned animals does not require approval by the Veterinary Drug Directorate under Health Canada. Autologous cells can be administered as deemed suitable by the treating veterinarian. The treating veterinarian is encouraged to obtain written informed consent by the client with respect to the experimental nature of the therapy.

  • Use of allogenic cells in client-owned animals are only permitted within a Veterinary Drug Directorate approved Experimental Studies Certificate (ESC). Contact us if you would like to use allogenic cells. We may be able to include your clinic as part of one of our multi-centre clinical trials or help you apply for an ESC to conduct your own clinical trial.

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