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Dr. Judith Koenig Presents Results on Equine Stem Cells from eQcell Inc. to the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation® (ACVSMR) Symposium April 11-12, 2024.

MRI images from a horse treated with MSCs (A), and NaCl (B). Early signs of OA, such as high signal (left images), and low signal (right images), not detected with conventional imaging, show improvement over time in the MSCs group compared to NaCl.
MRI-evident improvement

Equine Stem Cells from eQcell Inc. (Allogeneic cord blood-derived CB-MSCs) have demonstrated being effective and safe at different doses in treatments to modify the effects in an induced fetlock injury-model, when compared to saline treatment and did not elicit adverse reactions after repeated intraarticular injection. A significant reduction of lameness and MRI score was also observed. Single intra-articular treatment with hyaluronic acid (HA) and thawed pooled CB-MSCs of fetlocks and carpi in horses with naturally occurring OA is well tolerated and effective in improving lameness.

Read here the poster presentations of these studies, conducted by research teams from the Ontario Veterinary College-University of Guelph, the Orthopaedic Research Center-TMI-Colorado State University, the Faculté de Medicine Veterinary de Montréal and Rivendell Equine Veterinary Services-Melancthon, ON.

Judith Koening et al, Posters at ACVSMR 11-12 April 2024
Download PDF • 2.41MB


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